International Research

International research does not mean to simply apply the same research methods to different countries. In fact a deeper understanding of national characteristics is a prerequisite to being able to interpret results in the context of cultural differences.

This applies especially to kids and youth research because different educational styles, education systems, media, and consumption landscapes lead to strongly divergent young consumers.

We take the leading role in designing, co-ordinating, and implementing international projects and work with a network of international partner institutes that have a similar wealth of experiences, in such countries as the following:

• Brazil
• France
• Greece
• Great Britain
• Israel
• Italy
• Canada
• The Netherlands
• Norway
• Austria
• Poland
• Portugal
• Sweden
• Spain
• Czech Republic
• Turkey
• Russia
• U.S.A
• South Korea

We are the preferred supplier in the execution of the German part of multinational projects for various foreign institutes.

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