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iconkids & youth was founded in 1996 by a team of experienced researchers in the fields of children and adolescents. Since then, the institute has developed into the largest German special institute for young target groups: Each year 11 employees conduct about 150 studies and enter into a constant intensive dialogue with young people under 30 and their reference groups.

The unique knowledge of the target groups gathered in this process forms the foundation of our analyses: At all times, we don’t just take the direct reactions of the respondents into account but also their mode of thinking, personal environments and motives. Only the interplay of concrete results and background knowledge makes the reactions of the young target groups understandable and leads to meaningful recommendations.

We do not only provide our knowledge for research projects, but also for profound consultancy, e.g. in the context of workshops, or on the occasion of our annual congress.

The constant adjustment to changing personal environments has also generated an extensive pool of methods and survey techniques that enable us to find the best possible format for each question.

Our organisation enables us to implement research projects in all European countries and Northern America, as well as in the Middle- and Far East. We carry out International studies with partner institutes/agencies that have national experience in the youth sector and with whom we have co-operated for many years. For these projects, the iconkids & youth team takes on
coordination and reporting of these projects.

iconkids & youth is associated with the icon added value GmbH, Nuremberg.

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