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Konsumforschung Kapitelseiten


Consumer Research

It is the main focus of iconkids & youth’s work to analyse the consumer behaviour of young target groups: patterns such as:

We examine:

Purchase behaviour
buying processes, buying products for themselves, influence on the family, …

Brand Awareness and Brand Positioning
brand diagnosis, brand attachment, favourite brands, brand images …

Market potentials
User structure analyses, typologies, requirement segments, reaches …

Products and Product Innovations
Product tests, tasting tests, handling and usability tests, concept tests …

Touch tests, communication performance, fit for target groups, brand coherence …

Communications / Advertising
Level of attention, communication performance, evaluation, fit for target groups, brand coherence …

Promotions / supplements / contests
Fit and interest for target groups, brand coherence, added value …

Sponsoring, events etc.
Fit and interest for target groups, brand coherence, added value …

Relationship Management
customer satisfaction, customer clubs and magazines …

PoS research
Impression, strengths, weaknesses, visit and buying behavior …

Markets iconkids & youth carries out research in are for instance:

automotive industry licensing, merchandising
banks, insurance companies, financial services media (TV, cinema, apps, internet, print, books …)
fashion toys
food sponsoring
leisure parks, events sports equipment
gastronomy telecommunication, mobile services
luxury foodstuffs tourism
trade consumer electronics
personal hygiene and cosmetics associations, organisations
learning aids/educational tools

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