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Target Groups


The special challenge of youth research lies in considering the heterogeneity of this complex target group and including its specific psychogeography and living situation in the analysis.

Adolescence already starts in the pre-teens at around age 10, because at that point the personal environment changes from childhood to the teenage years and the consumption behavior starts to follow adolescent norms especially outside the home. Different phases of adolescence are gone through in the subsequent years, each with fundamentally different needs and expectations regarding the products and communication.

With our research on a wide range of topics, we can always classify the results within a larger target group context and thus provide results with a decisive amount of additional quality.

The target groups in the youth market:

Pre-teens (approx. 10-12 years): Turning towards adolescent topics and differentiation from anything childish, but no real adolescence yet

Early adolescents (approx. 12-14 years): Adaptation of adolescent behavior, intense puberty phase and setting of norms by the peer group

Core phase of adolescence (approx 14-17 years): Living out the adolescence, trying out roles, parceling out personal environments

Pre-adults (approx. 17-20 years): Turning towards adult world, gradual departure from adolescence

Our core research topics in the youth market:

Social research Fashion
Lifestyle research and segmentation Personal care cosmetics
Free-time behavior Hair care, hair styling
Financial services, insurances Perfume
Tele­communication, mobile communication Advertising
Choice of occupation / choice of education Entertainment electronics
Food services Home (bedding, accessories, furniture)
Food (sweets, drinks, ready-made meals ...) Media (TV, magazines, apps, websites, movies, games ...)

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