Target Groups

Young Adults

At iconkids & youth, adult research starts at the age of 17 and focuses on the age group up to 30 years old. This phase of life includes such crucial events as the driver’s license, choice of career, one’s first own apartment, long-term partnership and the start of a family.

Just as important as the consideration of the living situation is the progress of a shift in values, from youthful hedonism to an adult sense of responsibility: This has a massive impact on the attitude patterns and requirement profiles.

We immerse ourselves deeply in the personal environments and take the complex daily life and feelings of this multi-layered age group into account for our analyses – without such a context, the results would lack the necessary foundation.

The target groups for the young adults:

Pre-adults (approx. 17-20 years): Turning towards the adult world, gradual departure from adolescence

Orientation phase (approx. 21-24 years): The adolescent behavior has been shed, one’s own family ceases to be the center of life, there is a fundamental new orientation and determination of one’s own goals.

Establishing phase (approx. 25-30 years): Arrival in the new role of an adult, being rooted in one’s profession, complete autonomy in terms of consumption, high mobility, search for a (permanent) partner.

Our core research topics for young adults:

• Social research
• Free-time behavior
• Financial services, insurances
• Mobility (cars, sharing offers)
• Telecommunication, mobile communication
• Choice of occupation / choice of education
• Food services
• Food (sweets, drinks,
ready-made meals ...)
• Personal care cosmetics
• Hair care, hair styling
• Perfume
• Advertising
• Entertainment electronics
• Home (bedding, accessories, furniture)
• Fashion
• Media (TV, magazines, apps,
websites, movies, games ...)

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