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Target Groups


Children can show preferences as early as at age 3. As the get older, the possible questions become more complex and the achievable results gain depth. Nearly all of the questions known from adult research can already be transferred to older elementary school students (as of 8-10 years old), although they have to be adapted according to the age. Only at age 14 or older can the repertoire of methods from adult research be applied.

Our methods are adjusted exactly to the development stage of the respective age group and offer optimal results without making excessive demands on the children or making it less fun for them. We would be glad to advise you on what is feasible for your target group – and what isn’t yet.

Kids Research – What is possible at which age?

Pre-school (age 3 or older): Survey usually in the presence of the mother, observation of behavior, simple preferences, handling tests, mapping exercises, simple questions to determine comprehension

Early elementary school age (about 6 years or older): Scaled evaluations, explanations of preferences or evaluations, comprehension of product or communication, target group assignment, advertising recall and evaluation

Late elementary school age (about 8 years or older): Measurement of brand images and attitudes, evaluation of abstract survey objects (e.g. verbal concepts), projective questions

Our core research topics in the children’s market:

Social research Advertising
Collective topics Toys
Free-time behavior Enter­tainment electronics
Licensing Home (bedding, accessories, furniture)
Food services Fashion
Food (dairy products, cereals, sweets, ice cream, drinks, ready-made meals ...) Media (TV, magazines, apps, websites, movies, games ...)

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