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Kids License Monitor – the results of the wave IV / 2015 are now available!

You want up-to-date data of children’s licenses? In this case the Kids License Monitor is exactly what you need. Quarterly a varying set of licenses are assessed by 4- to 12-year-olds in the European key markets UK, France, and Germany.

Wave IV/2015 can be ordered as of now. Once again, a mix of new entries as well as classic licenses has been included – this time 70 different licenses. See here which licenses were covered in the current and the previous waves. Additionally the children’s favorite licenses were surveyed unprompted.

Your license has not been part of the study?
Then have it integrated into the following wave.
LIMA-Members are entitled to a 49 % discount on a yearly subscription and a 45 % discount on each single wave of the Kids License Monitor.

Study details of the Kids License Monitor:

  • Methodology: Online Study
  • Sample size: n = 1200 children aged 4 to 12 years (n = 400 per country)
  • Fieldtime: October, 26th to November, 2nd 2015
  • Selection of licenses by the editors of the leading licensing magazines in Europe: Total Licensing (UK), Kazachok (F), and Licensing Press (GER).
  • Alternating set of licenses in each wave
    • Mix of national and international licenses
    • Covered variables for each included license: Basic indicators such as awareness, appeal, and ownership
    • Visibility and ownership of products
    • Market status: diagnostic information such as the license’s hype value
    • Category fit: Suitability for in-home and out-of-home products
    • Market segmentation: High potential licenses, cash cows and niche licenses.
    • Favorite licenses (unprompted)

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>> Study Description (PDF)
>> Application Form Integration of a new License (DOCX)

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